Fenestration: Why is it so important

From the Latin ‘fenestra’ meaning windows…

If the eyes are the window of the soul, then the window is the eye, and therefore the soul, of the house. Informing us of weather and wildlife, as well as letting in the light, the style and placement of glass in a home cannot be underestimated.

WindowoneSouth facing windows can be a formidable passive heat source that can be easily shaded with eaves and overhangs to shade the high summer sun. A glass curtain wall can feature an ever changing, all-season canvas and a tiny lozenge window can let us know we need an umbrella.

A real Architrave feature is using a French doors as window thereby doing the double duty of window and door.

windowfourWhatever building style you choose, you will also need to decide whether windows will open vertically or horizontally – be big or small – solid or paned – clear or tinted. With choices almost limitless, your Design professional can always steer you in the best direction.

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