Gabriola Community Health Centre

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The 9,000 square foot Gabriola Community Health Centre comprises a three-area Urgent Care Facility, comprehensive clinic space for three doctors, a nurses’ station, patient waiting areas, and reception. As well, the lower level was designed to accommodate revenue generating professionals such as LifeLabs®, Vancouver Island Health Authority’s Home and Community Care office, as well as future expansion space.

Our design took advantage of the natural slope in the land to create a flow from the clinic entrance to the lower level services. Curved gardens and pathways soften the large Douglas Fir posts and beams at each entry. Skylights and clerestory windows ensure natural light without compromising privacy.

This community-owned facility boasts post-disaster operating standards and includes a diesel pump to operate its fires suppression system and three cisterns representing water catchement for fire, irrigation, and finally potable. As well, a lighted Helipad stands ready for an emergency, and a 60kW generator ensures building power during an outage.

As Architect and Design Consultant for this monumental community vision, we collaborated on a project that was a true example of the whole being much greater than the sum of its parts.