Japanese West Coast

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This Japanese inspired waterfront home was sited as a windbreak in order to create a warm south-facing microclimate. The traditional elements of the genkan or entryway are present with the low-slung verandah or engawa built on the same level as the house and transitioning from the inside to the outside with style and purpose.

Covered wooden walkways were designed for the contemplation and meditation of the miniature idealized landscapes in the garden-filled courtyard. Open panels were created in the overhang so rain could water the gardens, and just inside the door, the open panels are mirrored in skylights for a stunning organic design feature.

Throughout the landscape, lattice panels create privacy and augment garden styles while similar panels are reflected inside as stair and landing balusters. Transom windows float here and there creating light and balance.

With its repurposed cedar and arbutus woods, and strong passive heating elements, this home sits like an ornament in nature.