Vince Iameo  Architect AIBC  B.Arch.  B.F.A.

Principal, Designer, Project Manager

Vince is fascinated with creating places and spaces that meld with the topography of the Pacific Northwest. His ability to merge art and science result in designs that embody functional elegance.

Margot Kemble  B.F.A.  B.Arch.

Principal, Designer, Project Manager

Margot’s strength is revealing the essence of design by simplifying complexities. Assimilating the unique characteristics of the site with the home owners’ requirements, she designs buildings that are as individual as the people that inspire them.

Gina King  B.F.A.  M.O.A.  DipFP

Office/Accounts Manager

Gina’s background in health care administration and live theatre production/stage management provide a strong foundation for her multi-tasking role with Architrave. With over 20 years experience wading through budgets and bank reconciliations, she can be counted on to give you the ‘bottom line’.
In her incarnation as freelance writer, Gina authors our Portfolio Project bios and Blogs.

Paul Blandin

Foreman Journeyman

Paul has a natural talent for building. Leading his first project in 1998, a unique and fairly complex Architrave home, no one knew it was his first. Paul takes great pride in his work, evident from his foundations to finishing details. His abilities as both exceptional manager and detailed craftsman have greatly contribute to our reputation for quality of workmanship.

Ryan Price

Foreman Journeyman

Ryan joined Architrave in 2003. An excellent problem solver and strategic planner, he loves undertaking a complex challenge. Ryan’s meticulous attention to detail and organization skills keep projects on track.

Rob Curtis

Journeyman Carpenter

Rob came from a long line of talented tradesmen before joining Architrave in 2003. Timber framing, concrete forming, and the challenge of building custom homes to exacting standards make Rob a valued crew member.

Ryan Suther

Journeyman Carpenter

Since 2006, Ryan has been a dedicated member of Architrave’s crew. He is meticulous and highly skilled in all aspects of quality home construction.